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Allow me to inform about Unmarried and Single Americans Week

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04 Nov

Allow me to inform about Unmarried and Single Americans Week

Note: The percentages of unmarried women and men have already been corrected. Please dismiss the previous form of this Facts for Features.

Solitary Life

110.6 million

The amount of unmarried us citizens age 18 and older in 2016. This team made 45.2 per cent of all of the U.S. residents age 18 and older.

Homeownership Rates of Solitary Householders

Single-female householder and householder that is single-male.

The percentage of unmarried U.S. residents age 18 and older who have been ladies in 2016; 46.8 per cent had been males.

The portion of unmarried U.S. residents age 18 and older in 2016 who’d never ever been hitched. Another 23.1 % had been divorced and 13.4 per cent had been widowed.

19.5 million

How many unmarried U.S. residents age 65 and older in 2016. These seniors composed 17.7 per cent of most unmarried individuals age 18 and older.

The sheer number of unmarried males age 18 and older for every single 100 unmarried feamales in america in 2016.

59.8 million

The amount of households maintained by unmarried gents and ladies in 2016. These households comprised 47.6 per cent of households nationwide.

35.4 million

The amount of those who lived alone in 2016. They comprised 28.1 % of most households, up from 17.1 % in 1970.


The portion of females ages 15 to 50 with a delivery within the last few year, at the time of 2015, who had been widowed, divorced or never ever hitched.

The portion of opposite-sex, unmarried-partner partners in 2016 that lived with a minumum of one child that is biological of partner.


How many unmarried grand-parents who have been in charge of the majority of the fundamental care of a co-resident grandchild in 2015; 30.7 per cent of co-resident grand-parents in charge of their grandchildren were unmarried.

Unmarried Couples

7.3 million

How many unmarried-partner households in 2015. With this quantity, 433,539 had been households that are same-sex.


The percentage of voters within the 2016 election that is presidential had been unmarried.


The portion of unmarried individuals age 25 and older in 2016 that has finished twelfth grade or more education.

The portion of unmarried individuals age 25 and older in 2016 by having a degree that is bachelor s more training.

The next is a listing of observances typically included in the Census Bureau s Facts for qualities show:

African-American History Month (February) Super Bowl Romantic Days Celebration (Feb. 14) ladies’s History Month (March) Irish-American Heritage Month (March)/ Р’ Р’ Р’ St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) Earth Day (April 22) Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (might) Older People in america Month (might) Mother’s Day Hurricane period starts (June 1) Father’s Day The 4th of July (July 4) Anniversary of Americans With Disabilities Act (July 26) back into School (August) Labor Day Grandparents Day Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15) Unmarried and Single Americans Halloween (Oct week. 31) United States Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month (November) Veterans Day (Nov. 11) Thanksgiving the Holiday Season (December) day

Editor s note: The preceding information had been gathered from many different sources and could be at the mercy of sampling variability as well as other resources of mistake. Facts for Features are customarily released about 2 months before an observance so that you can accommodate mag production timelines. Concerns or feedback should really be directed to your Census Bureau s Public Ideas workplace: phone: 301-763-3030; or email: pio

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